Shale Play is Child's Play

  • Candles and crayons
  • Hula Hoops & Frisbees
  • Plastic or rubber Toys
  • Electronic games

Any of these products important to you or your kids? Do you think they're oil and gas free, find out now.

It Takes Gas,

Plane & Simple

Of course you know gas fuels your car. That's all, right? Maybe oil keeps your motor running smoothly. How many more oil & gas products make your daily travels a reality? Planes, trains and automobiles. Find out more.

The first thing you do in the morning is use the bathroom, shower, and get ready for your day. 

What do you see in your bathroom?

  • Soap and Deodorant
  • Shampoo and Conditioner 
  • Shaving cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Combs or Brushes or Hair Gel
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Makeup
  • Cologne and Perfume
  • Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses
  • Even the Toilet Seat

​Guess just how many of these everyday items are oil and gas products and then 
find out here.

Could You Survive the Dark Ages?

Take a look around your office. Computer, printer, and telephone are all made possible by oil and gas. Think you can get through the day with just paper and a pen? Wait...that pen is an oil and gas product too. Anything else in your office made possible by the oil and gas industry?

See how else the oil and gas industry contributes to your day, making communication possible and literally keeping us out of the dark ages.

Take a Plunge...into Reality

All About Safety

​Did you know oil and gas keeps you safe? Traffic lights, car seats for your children and fire trucks help keep you safe each day. Hard hats and kevlar vests also have their moments. Even hurricane preparedness...all aided by oil and gas! Learn more.

Think you know oil and gas? Prepare to be awakened.

Let's walk through a typical day and see if we can challenge your assumptions about oil and gas products.

Giant Leaps

  • Supercomputers
  • Amazing software
  • Earthquake Research​​

You may not realize, but the greatest super computers and the biggest technological advances  are courtesy of the oil and gas industry.

It's Not Like Oil and Gas is a Matter of Life and Death.

Or is it?

From MRI Machines and medical tubing, computers and equipment to aspirin and many medications, oil and gas products couldn't be saving our lives, could they? Find out.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

But can you take oil and gas out of the game? Are you taking your kids to practice tonight? Or watching the game on TV? Certainly oil and gas plays no part here. Balls and helmets? Are we serious? Find out here.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

How correct have you been about the role of oil and gas in your daily life so far? Besides the fact that the roof over your head is an oil and gas product, as well as the carpet under your feet, do you see any other oil and gas products in your home? What about your furniture and curtains? The pipes that distribute your water? The paint on your walls? Water hose outside? Find out just how many of these products are oil and gas-based.

Show me the Money

Most people view the oil and gas industry as big money. But are you aware of how much the industry gives back to state and local governments each year? Or the millions that our schools receive from oil and gas? Removing oil and gas would have a huge economic impact!

That's What Shale Said

We all know the office. Did you know your office would be full of oil and gas products? From your computer, keyboard, mouse and phones to the very seat you're sitting guessed it. Oil and gas! Read about your tape and stapler and more.

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Oil & Gas Wear the Pants 

Let's move on to your closet. It's full of polyesters and nylon, acrylics and fleece. Clothes with zippers or Velcro or buttons. Elastic, pantyhose, yoga pants.

There's also shoes and sandals and flip flops. Jewelry with beads or acrylics. Sunglasses. How many of these products do you think are made possible by oil and gas? 
Find out here.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

​​Did you manage to get dressed and ready for work without encountering any oil and gas products? 

As you make breakfast did you use spatulas or oven mitts? Put lunch in a sandwich bag? Or throw anything in the trash can? Are these petroleum-based? How about oil and gas products in your fridge!?! Surely Not. Find out more.

Good Samaritans

One doesn't necessarily think of the oil and gas industry when hearing the story of the Good Samaritan, but they're helping out every way they can, from innovative housing to wetsuits for penguins! Yes, really! Read more