Oil & Gas are Cool & Refreshing​

​Bathing suits are made from polyester, nylon and Lycra (all oil and gas products). Above ground and inflatable pools are made from PVC, polypropylene and polyester mesh. Swimming pools with covers from these materials bring peace of mind to families with small children. Read more about how all these oil and gas products contribute to one of America's favorite summer past times at AFPM.

Get Wet with Oil and Gas

The primary raw material used in the making of a wet suit is a type of sponge rubber known as neoprene. The Dry suit utilizes a rubberized fabric.

Learn more about how neoprene is created and how wetsuits are made.

Dribbling the O&G

You'd never expect to see oil and gas while out shooting some hoops. Besides the fact that you're b-ball shoes are full of petroleum products, the net is even made from synthetic materials from oil and gas! Wait, the basketball too? The covering is made of synthetic rubber and the inside bladder is made of butyl rubber, with nylon threads! Check it out...

Oil & Gas Taking You Out to the Ballgame

Not long ago, playing sports at night, outdoors, and under the gaze of beaming floodlights was unthinkable. Today, thanks to domestic oil and natural gas, we can “flood” a stadium with man-made light despite the sun’s daily retreat. This is technology even your local high school can take advantage of on Friday nights precisely because electricity generated from fossil fuels is so affordable.

Beyond electricity, many “lawns” used for baseball and softball fields consistently require fertilizer made from natural gas. That lush green grass isn’t just for cosmetic purposes though. As any outfielder will tell you, a poorly maintained field poses a serious injury risk. Fertilizer-treated grass actively protects the integrity of the game and the health of its athletes. Just ask your local groundskeeper the difference fertilizer makes.

Find out more at Fueling U.S. Forward or view the video below.

More than just a Texas Tee

There is rubber and plastic in golf balls, nylon and plastic in your golf bag and even on your clubs! Not to mention your clothing, down to the golf cleats...even the golf carts that get you from hole to hole.

Learn more about how golf balls are made at www.madehow.com.

It's all about the Game

Football is covered in oil and gas products. From the seats and the lights overhead, to the artificial turf  beneath the players' feet...the stadium is full of petroleum products. 

The football players don't disappoint either, with these products in their helmets, jerseys, cleats and...you guessed it, even the ball itself!

More interesting facts about the relationship between oil and gas and football:

Oil & Gas Keep Your Child Safe!

That life preserver or even basic flotation device in the pool is made from nylon - another material made from petroleum. Right down to the thread, zippers & plastic closures! Even the foam inside the life jacket is made from oil & gas. Read more about how this works!

Oil and Gas can Take a Hit

Larger, heavier punching bags are constructed of polyvinyl, a plastic material developed during the Second World War and a byproduct of petroleum and coal. The heavily coated synthetic nylon thread used to stitch them is another oil and gas product. Learn more here. 

Oil and Gas: It's a Bowl New Game

Besides the plastics and machinery used in a bowling ally, the wax for the floor, the bowling shoes, and even today's bowling pins utilize nylon or Surlyn (you guessed it, oil and gas products!) for easy molding and durability.  

The Sky's the Limit

Parachute makers began using nylon in parachutes during World War II, as it was more elastic, more resistant and less expensive than the formerly-used silk.

Learn more.

Your Child's Kite Flies Thanks to Oil & Gas

Commercial kites are generally made of a strong, light plastic such as nylon. Nylon is the common name for certain types of plastic known as polyamides. Polyamides can be made from a variety of chemical compounds.  These are all petroleum products and used making your childs' kite!

Find out more

Oil & Gas and cold mountain rivers

Kayaks are made of polyethylene, a tough, waxy-textured material unaffected by water and most chemicals and derived from petroleum products. Read more.

Oil & Gas and snow white mountains?

Ski Boots & Coats



Tents - Nylon

Fishing Rod

Most modern fishing rods are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. The grips and reel seats are sometimes made of plastic. Who'd have guessed oil & gas could even take you fishing! Read more about how Fishing Rods are made. Many fishing lures are oil and gas products too!

Oil and Gas Takes the Guts out of Tennis

Nylon string has replaced natural gut (twisted cow or sheep intestine) formerly used for tennis strings. Oil and gas also helps you get a grip on that racket! Read more about what goes into your racket.

And don't forget the turf and net are oil and gas products too!

It's Just Another Day at the Beach with your Good Friend Oil and Gas

A day at the beach wouldn't be the same without these oil and gas products...

Beach chairs and umbrellas

Surf Boards


Wading Pools

Ice Chests

All thanks to oil and gas!

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Soccer Balls





Did you know it takes oil and gas to run the big game?

Powering your Bike Commute


Oil and gas are in every inch of your bicycling routine, from head to toe.

On your bike:

Besides any parts of your bike that are made from plastic or rubber, petroleum is also used to lubricate the chain and gears on your bike.

On you:

When your tire hits the road (which is also made from petroleum, by the way), you're powered by oil and gas in some way!