12 Advanced Building Products that Help Save Money on Energy Bills

Learn more about how items like foam doors and fiberglass doors, plastic caulking & sealants, vinyl windows and many other products in our homes save energy costs and help keep them warm and safe at Plastics Make it Possible.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

Many of your favorite holiday decorations are petroleum products. The artificial Christmas tree, insulation around that string of lights, and all of the plastic or acrylic ornaments on your tree are made from oil and gas. Read more at AFPM.

Got to Keep you Insulated

Oil and gas products help keep your home the right temperatures throughout the seasons. Your roofing, Insulation produced from polystyrene foam, and house wrap made from high-density polyethylene fibers, keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. Read more at AFPM.

Oil & Gas Light Up Your Life

Candles are made from a variety of wax, but almost always contain paraffin wax from oil and gas. These same waxes are used to seal certain cheeses, make crayons and makeup, wax your skis and surfboards and so much more. Read about how paraffin candles and wax help make your home festive and bright at AFPM.

From the Ground Up

Your House was Built by Oil and Gas

From top to bottom, every bit of your house is full of oil and gas products.

Lumber - Planted, harvested & Transported by oil and gas-fueled machines


Vinyl Siding & Flooring - Ethylene

Water Pipes



Tubs and Showers

Sinks and Faucets


Paint and Paint Rollers / Brushes

Insulation - House & on wiring

Electrician's Tape

Garden Hoses

Fertilizer, Pesticides, Herbicides & Insecticides

​The list is endless!

Provided by ConocoPhillips

Click here to visit NaturalGasHome.aga.org for an interactive tour of your home (pictured left) and to explore the various ways natural gas contributes to making your home comfortable and safe. 

Energy is Everything explores the countless ways energy makes modern life more healthy, comfortable and safe.

​With drivers saving $550 in fuel costs and household budgets growing by $1337 due to utility and other energy-related savings in 2015, it’s hard to miss the consumer benefit aspect of increased oil and natural gas production. But, aside from those notable cost savings, most Americans probably don’t spend much time thinking about energy’s essential role in their daily lives.

The infographic above, created by INGAA, shows many ways that natural gas plays a role in our daily lives. ​INGAA, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, offers great information about the power of natural gas. You can visit their website for more information.

In your Home: From the lumber framing your house (planted, harvested and transported by machines powered by gasoline and diesel) to the vinyl siding and flooring (derived from ethylene, which comes from crude oil) to the very roof over your head (most roofs are protected by shingles covered in asphalt, a byproduct of the refining process that provides durability), energy makes your home safer and more comfortable in numerous ways. Then there’s electricity, heating and cooling, which are increasingly powered by natural gas. Increased production of affordable natural gas has driven down electricity and heating costs for both homes and businesses. Plus, natural gas is clean-burning, reducing carbon emissions from power generation to 20-year lows.

Gas Beneath our Feet
Ninety-seven percent of pile yarns today, which create carpets in our homes, are made up of synthetic polymers. Synthetics are plastics such as nylon (which is in 66% of all carpet), acrylics (15%), polyester (less than 15%), and polypropylene (less than 5%). These oil and gas products help make our homes comfortable. Learn more

Products: Clothing, shoes, plastics, medicines, detergent, carpet, insulation, plumbing pipe – it would be faster to list everyday essentials that aren’t derived from petroleum-based chemicals. Put simply, chemicals are the building blocks of modern living, and oil and natural gas provide the building blocks for many chemicals. According to the American Chemistry Council (ACC), “over 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by chemistry.” Of the many ways the American energy revolution has benefited the economy, reducing manufacturing costs is one of the most significant. As ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley put it, “Natural gas continues to play a starring role in our nation’s energy story, revitalizing the chemistry industry and spurring manufacturing growth… Our competitive edge will mean new jobs and exports and a stronger manufacturing sector for years to come.”

ConocoPhillips offers a wonderful tour of your home and describes many of the oil and gas products that are used to build your home and to make it comfortable. Check out their fun, interactive home by clicking here.

Awaken your Assumptions about the Value of Oil and Gas.

Making our Homes into Homes

Couches and furniture are full of polystyrene cushions, making them soft and comfortable. The fabric used to cover cushions is usually synthetic material like polyester. Pillows and curtains are made from the same petroleum-products. All of these are derived from oil and gas products and help make a home a home.

The infographic above, created by Energy in Depth, shows some of the many life-enhancing items created by oil and gas. Everything from the paint on your home to sunglasses and running shoes, oil and gas products are abundant and important in our daily lives.